What I want to do in 2017

I didn’t do a list of what I want to do for 2016 so I guess I just have to do a 2017 list.

  • Work one week on my boat in the summer
  • Get our play-loft insulated so we can heat it up
  • Make Isabella laugh a lot
  • Go on a vacation somewhere
  • Volunteer at a camp or somewhere
  • Read more books
  • Turn 13 years old
  • Not change Izzy’s poopy diapers
  • Have a birthday party
  • Not go to Susanna’s “Zumba”  dancing class
  • Build things in the workshop


Memories of 2016

2016 lots of fun things happened like Baseball, going to Europe, and Izzy being born. Here is a list of all the fun / special things that happened in 2016.

  • Izzy being born
  • Hiking in the White Mountains
  • Making Izzy laugh for the first time
  • Going to Europe
  • Doing Baseball
  • Getting a new graphics card for my computer
  • Staying home all summer and going to no summer camps
  • Going to Grandma’s Summer Camp
  • Playing on the Wibit on the North Lake at the Navy Base

What I did this summer

  1. Get a lot of work done on my boat (Not a lot…)
  2. Go swimming at Hopeville Pond (Yes)
  3. NOT go to any summer camps (Yes)
  4. Go to Sweden (Yes)
  5. Go hiking on the White Mountains (Yes)
  6. Have friends over (Yes)
  7. Play in the forest with friends (Yes)


We got to Sweden on Friday and We hung out for the rest of the day after we got to Susanna’s parents house. On Saturday was Izzy’s baptism. It was boring and my legs hurt from standing so long. In the evening we had the party, it was fun. The next day we cleaned up all the stuff from the party and we went for a hike in the forest. On Monday we went to go get fish pedicures and it felt really weird. Then we went to the mall and did like nothing there. We than went and got a tour of a glassblowing factory called Kosta Boda we went to the store and looked around. It was cool. We also went to Susanna’s dads Cabin that was on a lake. We put out like 60 crayfish traps and we slept overnight in the cabin. On Tuesday we pulled up the crayfish traps and we got about 300-400 crayfish. We also saw Susanna’s dad’s harvester, which cuts down trees in like 1 minute. On Wednesday we went to Kalmar Castle and we got a tour of the castle. It was cool. On Thursday we went to a indoor water park, which was fun, and we went on all the slides and will jumped off the 5 meter jump on the diving board. (I couldn’t even do the 3 meter). We than ate lunch at a place close to the water park and i had a burger. We than drove to the Echo Tower, which is a big water tower which if you stand under it it echoes a lot. it even echoed when we whispered. On Friday I went fishing with Susanna’s dad on the lake, we did not catch any fish though. On Saturday we left to go back home.